The Power of Positive thinking: Vitamin Happy

The Power of Positive thinking: Vitamin Happy

I’m going to go ahead and write a prescription for you, yes you! If any or ALL of the following symptoms sound like you, then a healthy daily dose of Vitamin Happy is probably for you. Backaching? Muscle pain? Headaches have you reaching for the Advil? Stomach issues have you second guessing the cheese? Heartburn? Anxiety? How about trouble catching some quality Zzz’s?  You just might be sitting there checking off this all too familiar list and thinking , wow, it’s like she KNOWS me! Well then it sounds like you could be harboring an troublesome amount of the hormones Cortisol and Epinephrine. If you’re  wondering how you managed to get burdened with those, well ask yourself if the following hits close to home as well.

Negative emotions trigger the part of our brain that alerts our body to dive into our “fight-or-flight” stress response.  On an ancestral note, this existed primarily to help us flea and protect ourselves when faced with danger or harm, however now we find ourselves in a state of chronic stress on a day to day basis, lets face it, even a moment to moment basis!  There’s a constant onslaught of unpredictable events that can make us sour, rush hour traffic, bills, long work hours, bad break ups or the morning hustle at Starbucks! Because of this, the “Monday blues” and so much more, we find ourselves in a panic that the body responds to in a way that was meant to help us escape prehistoric predators! Our nervous system making itself at home in a state of “fight-or-flight,” shuts down our body’s self-repair mechanisms to deal with all the gloom and doom we face. What does this mean? That our bodies are opening the door to illness and warmly welcoming it inside. This becomes our reality because we give power to the potential negative thoughts that arise daily and that applies to everything from our health to our financial status and so on. Of course there are events that are out of our hands, and unfortunately bad things do happen from time to time, but fear and imagining the worst case scenario are a powerful weapon we often use against ourselves.  This fear then partners up with Cortisol and Epinephrine to attack our physical bodies. And thus our thoughts have manifested themselves into a poison.

While studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of my instructors, Bernie Siegel MD: Expert in healing and patient empowerment stated that “What you think, and what you believe, literally change your body chemistry. If you have a pessimistic, hopeless outlook, you’ll change your body, your immune function, and you can die much faster…We are responsible for a lot of the things that happen to us. If you hate your job, you are much more likely to get sick and die at a younger age than someone who’s happy at work and has a nice family life and is mentally well adjusted.”

Now if negative thoughts can be such a villain to us physically, well surely this must be true of it’s opposite? It sure is! The truth is that positive thoughts are just as powerful and you hold the keys that can change your health right back around! Positive thinking is much more than just saying nice things and smiling, though those are a great start the medicine lies within the intention behind that smile, the belief within those words!  This will also ease our nervous systems allowing our bodies to heal naturally!

Taking a cue from Peter Pan and thinking happy thoughts may not always be the easiest thing to do, but think of how those kids broke the laws of gravity and literally soared when they did! If that doesn’t resonate with you. Take a look at how this beautiful couple Bob and Linda Carey, through the hysterical and touching actions of her husband, chose to focus on love and laughter when she was diagnosed with Cancer. So don’t forget your Vitamin Happy and Take a minute to really think about something that makes you feel good!

Health, Happiness & Love


Melissa Rosario CHHC

Certified Holistic Health Coach

NYC Chiropractor – Body in Balance Chiropractic


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