New Years Resolution? How about a New Years REVOLUTION? We Challenge YOU!

New Years Resolution? How about a New Years REVOLUTION? We Challenge YOU!

The 21 Day Balanced Body Challenge: 15% off for this month ONLY. There’s no better time to start than now!

Right after the holiday madness of parties and decadent spreads, New Years resolutions are often a great motivation to think about our goals and ambitions for the brand new year. Some of these are usually focused on better health, rest, wellness etc. In this spirit, I am forming a team of Staff and Patients alike to participate in a Group Cleanse! This January Dr. Karin Neuhaus, myself and others will be starting The 21 Day Balanced Body Challenge! Why stop with a resolution when you can start with a personal REVOLUTION!

  • Monday January 13th at 7:30pm (2nd week of January) We’re going to kick off with the Purification Workshop, this is a FREE workshop being held here in our office and led by Lisa Lynch, a registered Dietitian and renowned expert on detoxification. During this we will learn a lot about the toxins that we eat and surround us and why because of this, it’s so important for us to clean out and clean up our bodies every once in awhile!
  • Monday January 20th (3rd week of January) Day 1 of The 21 Day Balanced Body Challenge begins!
  • Wednesday January 29th (Day 10- 2nd week of the Challenge.) Meet the Challengers, others pushing themselves to meet the New Year by being the healthiest happiest version of themselves! We will be talking ,sharing, supporting, recipe swap, weigh in’s etc. This will be a fun social way to keep the momentum going by being an active participant in a community of others just like YOU striving for optimum health and Wellness!
  • Wednesday February 12th (1st Wednesday after we’ve completed The 21 Day Balanced Body Challenge) I’ll be offering Private Post Purification Health Coaching Sessions at 15% OFF. This¬†will focus on integrating foods back into your diet and coming up with an easy and manageable game plan to keep the new healthy eating and lifestyle habits that you’ve gained during the challenge!

To reserve yourself a spot at our FREE workshop to learn more about the wonderful benefits of this program and if your interested in participating in The 21 Day Balanced Body Challenge , please feel free to E-mail me here! Sign up sheet will also be available at the Front Desk. I’m looking forward to working beside you in this New Years REVOLUTION!

~Melissa Rosario

Holistic Health Coach

NYC Chiropractor РBody in Balance Chiropractic

Melissa Rosario
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