Neck Pain

What’s your neck pain costing you?

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What’s your neck pain costing you?

Call 212.371.5788 or click below:

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The price we pay for neck pain.

Pain has a way of impacting our lives beyond the point of injury itself. It can be physically and mentally draining. It can make you irritable. It can monopolize your focus and take you off course.


While computers improve our lives in countless ways, they can also pose a serious threat to our posture. Sitting for too long in front of a computer forces your head and shoulders to slump forward, altering your body’s natural alignment and placing constant stress on your neck.


Many people work through the pain with a significant lag in performance. In fact, neck pain costs workers an average of 4.6 hours of productivity per week, effectively costing our economy millions of dollars every year!

A Smarter Solution

At Body In Balance, we don’t just treat your neck pain. We work to correct your postural imbalances by training you to establish and maintain healthier habits for yourself—and for life.

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Commonly prescribed medications just mask the underlying problem. Massages alone only provide temporary relief. Our integrative approach fuses chiropractic, massage therapy, corrective exercise, and education to facilitate healing from all angles.

“When I first came to Body In Balance, I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck. It had gotten so bad I couldn’t sleep and would pace around the house all night long. Pain killers were of no use at all. In addition to the pain, I had lost all feeling in my fingertips. Now, all of my symptoms are gone and I sleep very comfortably all night long.”

-Janet H.

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