A Body Out of Balance

Causes Pain

Advanced technology combined with a

holistic hands-on approach is the best of

both worlds for quick relief and lasting correction

Movement. Alignment. Posture.

Our MAPS™ protocol is the cornerstone

of long-term structural correction

Total Mind-Body


A 360° approach to

transforming your health

A Body Out of
Balance Causes Pain

Advanced technology combined
with a holistic hands-on
approach for quick relief and
lasting correction

Find out how we can help:


Alignment. Posture.

Our MAPS™ protocol is the
cornerstone of long-term
structural correction

Find out how we can help:


Total Mind-Body

A 360˚ approach to
transforming your health

Find out how we can help:



Why choose us as your NYC chiropractor?

Since our founding in 2004 by Dr. Jan Lefkowitz, we have devoted ourselves to going the extra mile for our patients.


We listen.


We take more time to figure things out. 


We use innovative technology to help identify the problem and to measure our results. 


We don’t just hack away at the pain – we use our detective skills and search deep to figure out the cause. 


We believe that posture is powerful and that movement is medicine and that spinal alignment is an incredibly overlooked cause of health problems. 


Our proprietary approach assesses your Movement, Alignment and Posture. We call this your M.A.P. and we feel that it’s the foundation for good health. This M.A.P. will provide us with the clues as to what is causing your problem and how to best fix it long term so that it does not recur or relapse.

The MAPS Protocol

The pieces of a puzzle come together

Created by Dr. Jan Lefkowitz, the MAPS Protocol was the culmination of a 20+ year career and a mission to fix his own shoulder and neck injuries. It’s based upon a realization that while incredibly powerful for pain relief, chiropractic care alone only addressed the alignment of the spine and body but not the posture. The missing piece was the system of nerves and muscles which regulates posture and stabilizes the body. 


Without this part, pain relief was temporary and problems continued to recur.


By first learning the science behind this important body system and then figuring out how to correct it with chiropractic care, deep tissue massage work and a system of movement training exercises that a person can be taught to do on their own, the MAPS Protocol was born.

The Total Mind Body Optimization Program (TMB) 

An innovative, holistic program to reduce inflammation

The MAPS Protocol is our “secret sauce” in all of our programs but we didn’t stop there. We saw the following repeating patterns in many people’s health issues: 


  • Muscle tension
  • Pain
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue 


These are the most common but nerve issues, immune system issues, digestive problems and dizziness were sometimes present as well.  


Dr. Lefkowitz’s passion for discovering natural and safe “biohacks” led him to seek out an explanation for this constellation of symptoms as well as a comprehensive solution. He identified systemic (full body) inflammation as the key link to all of these symptoms.  


As scientists already know, many chronic diseases in modern society such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases are also linked to inflammation. If we could find a way to proactively lower inflammation by addressing it from every angle at its root cause, instead of masking it with medication, we could have the maximum impact on people’s health. 


In seeking to solve these core inflammation issues Dr. Lefkowitz identified three key hidden sources of inflammation:


1) Alignment and Posture

2) The Gut

3) Stress


The TMB Program is the first of its kind to offer natural biohacks* to improve all three of these causes in tandem, producing sustainable gains far surpassing other inflammation solutions.


Many people on the TMB program report more energy, thinking clearly, sleeping better, feeling calmer, losing weight, moving easier, fixing chronic injuries and pain and so much more. The depth of this program delivers your best quality of life, optimized health and proactively reduces your long-term risk of chronic disease.


If this is the life you want, contact us today.

For more on our uncommon approach click here.


Our Offices

Looking for a NY chiropractor? Located in the heart of Midtown, at 2 West 45th Street, and in Westchester,  at 3010 Westchester Ave, our offices feature a dedicated exercise studio, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and (we think) the friendliest team in town.

Our clients rave about the work we do—and the results they get!

“This staff is committed to producing lasting results, not temporary fixes. The incorporation of posture training and deep tissue massages makes this a complete spinal solution, not just a fleeting adjustment’” —Dan R.

“Hands down, the best chiropractic practice in Manhattan. Whenever I hear people complain about back problems I recommend BIB. Why suffer or take drugs for something that can be easily dealt with? They have made my problems disappear and I can’t imagine my life without them!” —Mary F.

“Most chiropractors generally ask what’s ailing you, hack away at that particular thing, and send you on your merry way. Dr. Jan is different. He looks at the problem holistically and passionately and lays out a plan of attack that will get you to a pain-free way of life as long as you embrace the process. Don’t live in pain. You don’t have to. Pick up the phone.” —Julian R.

“Intelligent and excellent service. The results for me on a personal level have been incredible. I am feeling like a new man. I have experienced real results. My flexibility, balance and athleticism have increased dramatically. I am no longer feeling sore. Body in Balance Chiropractic has far exceeded my expectations.” —Riley M.

Midtown Location


2 W 45th St #1002New York, NY 10036

Our office is conveniently located just a few short blocks from:

  • B/D/F/M trains at Bryant Park
  • 7 train at 5th Avenue
  • S from Times Square to Grand Central
  • 4/5/6 trains at Grand Central

Westchester Location

HOURS: Mon/Wed/Thu 9:30am-5:30pm Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun Closed

3010 Westchester Ave #404, Purchase, NY 10577