Chiropractic in the Media

Chiropractic in the Media

The other day my younger brother made a great observation. He said that he never sees a commercial on chiropractic care on television. He is absolutely right. I don’t think I have ever seen a national television commercial for a chiropractor or any chiropractic services. Why is that? Could it be that the air space for commercials are being dominated by pharmaceutical companies? Beers? Sports? Cars? Fast food? Is that what the American media is telling us to buy? I’m afraid so.

We all know advertising on television cost a lot of money. Look at Superbowl time! For one minute of a commercial, it can cost over a million dollars.

However, there are times when chiropractic gets a shot on television. I have seen Dr. Oz do a segment on chiropractic: Click Here

Also on the show, The Doctors, discuss chiropractic: Click Here

Or you can see that really funny chiropractic ad that just went viral on YouTube: Click Here

Either way, chiropractic is definitely real. In 1895, the field of chiropractic was born. Even in ancient times, Hippocrates said,  “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.” Chiropractic helps with headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, allergies, sciatica, posture and much more. It costs way less than expensive surgery and its an all natural preventative solution.

Just because it’s not on TV doesn’t make it real. Nowadays, most people don’t even have time to watch live television anymore other than sports or news. Most people find their shows or movies online on popular websites like Netflix or Hulu.

Our NYC Chiropractor may not have a big television commercial but we are definitely making an impact on our community. People are getting healed every single day without drugs or surgery. It’s the best feeling in the world when someone starts care in our office because they are about to embark on a journey to health and wellness the natural way.

If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic, feel free to call us to learn about a free wellness boost package. Learn something new and it can change your life. Don’t let the media persuade you to think otherwise. Make your own decisions.

Becky Meza
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